At Purely Cleaning, LLC, we offer more than just cleaning services so you never have to look anywhere else.


Plumbing companies don’t always clean up after finish their work. You don’t have to worry about that with Purely. After providing our services, we will leave the workplace impeccable, even better than before!

Plumbing service includes:

Pipe and Drain
Sink and Tub
Replacement of Bathroom and Kitchen Parts
Toilet Installation


Host a party or event Social is usually exhausting and requires a lot of work, so once it’s over, you may no longer have the strength to clean and put everything in its place. Leave us the dirty work! At Purely Cleaning LLC we take care of AFTER PARTY cleaning. We offer comprehensive cleaning that will leave your home spotless and smelling like new.
Let us handle the sanitation and cleaning of the area with the confidence that everything will be as it was before the event. It does not matter if it is cleaning for a small event or for a corporate one; we are the solution. A trained team will take care of getting the job done in the shortest possible time without interrupting your daily activities.
We offer special prices for After-Party cleaning. All our services are negotiable and personalized to the needs of our clients.

Move out and move
in cleaning

Moving is physically and emotionally demanding, whether you are moving to a new bedroom or a new home. Give yourself the break you deserve by calling us for pre-move and post-move cleaning services.
If you plan to move, call us, and schedule our moving services ahead of your move out date. With our detailed and dedicated staff, as well as our superior customer service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee; we will ease the transition from one house or apartment to the other.

Service includes:

Bath and Tub Cleaning
Window Cleaning
Kitchen Cleaning
If additional cleaning services are necessary or there is a special case/condition, please contact us and we will figure it out!
Contact us today and get rid of that annoying chore of cleaning up after moving in!


Have you done yard, construction, painting, or other jobs in your home? We know that these services can leave traces of dirt and grime. PURELY will take care of cleaning every corner of your home and leaving it spotless. Schedule a visit for us to come right after you are done with your projects. Trust us, your home will look flawless afterward.